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Zoha kish telecom company, as a pioneer member of Zoha's skilled team toward serving & enterprising in telecommunication industry & IT in all over the country, was established in 2001 & got the license of landline phones in 2004 in order to be one of the pioneers of privatization in its industry.
Zoha' s goal to seek for finding a way to extend the domain of activities and variety ways for serving, leads us to invert into the active skilled holding company in telecommunication industry.
Zoha kish as a collection of flexibility, efficiency, jeopardy & expert, by creating synergy within the group & due to more than a decade experience in submitting comprehensive solutions in establishment & telecom network development, management & implementation of installing, lunching & operating projects, has used modern technology, not only strongly achieved several nation & international prizes but also promoted IT industry in Iran.
Zoha have decided to be leading in produce, transfer & management of technology in order to resolving the lacks & promoting the IT industry of Iran & according to the five-year outlook will concentrate on extension of serving. These servings which based on broad band technology & implementation smart city will be tow featured domains that this team intends to do wide investments.


Business Lines

Mehr Media Co. is one of the members of Zoha kish team which has our FCP license & helps us to get into a successful experience based on fixed communications.
FCP is the license of comprehensive creating & operating fixed communication services which includes providing public switched telephone network (PSTN), private access provider (PAP), internet services distributor (ISDP) & internet services providers (ISP).
Before getting fixed services in FCP format, Zoha kish also had public switched telephone network services license (PSTN), according to our experience & capabilities in any communication services & transferring data such as access to high-speed internet services, access to national information network & services based on it, distributing & selling broad band internet & transferring & dedicated networks, audio services, video, text & data & all kinds of content & value added services on telecommunication network platforms & independent of technology, are submitted by Zoha.

  • providing landline phone ADSL services
  • planning & creating multimedia telecom centers that are equipped by modern technology
  • providing diverse range of communication & transferring services which have telecom lines platform
  • High- speed internet & national information network access
  • Creating access networks bedded by optical fiber
  • Public Wi-Fi & Wireless, DSL
  • Selling & distributing broad band
  • Audio services, video, text & Data
  • providing fixed communication by using new generation of technology
  • providing telecom services & solutions to organization, companies & governmental & private institutions

Nowadays in Iran like the other parts of the world, people are interested in E-commerce & supplying goods & services by using cyberspace. The statistics in this area shows that E-commerce is increasing day by day. At the same time by this structural change in business process which includes buying & selling, supplying management, distributing & supporting for all kinds of the goods, Zoha attempts to take a significant part in upgrading the level & quality of E-commerce.
In this regard zoha kish submits modern solutions & services in foreign & local tourism & in the intelligent transportation.
Tour services: Iranways is another partner of Zoha kish which has more than three decades of experience in tourism industry & for the first time in Iran adapts communication technology with this industry. Iranways has submitted online reservation system with multi services such as flight, hotel, tourism packages & transfer passengers.
The trade name of this system is (Rah O Ja) that can provide passengers to have a trip in Iran or to the other countries by Tow-way connection to the best tour service providers.
This comprehensive tourism solution (Iranways) has created a revolution in traditional tourism service systems in which already has connected to international network instead of being offline & local. Therefore, tourists can directly & online get prepared their trip as buying ticket, reserving hotel, renting car, insurance & the other essentials. In the other hand, hotel owners, airlines & transportation companies get this chance to show off their offers to domestic or international passengers.
Iranways tries to find a way to serve the best quality & the fastest services to the subscribers, to reach this goal Iranways has gathered skilled team of professionals in the fields of technology & tourism. For this purpose the equipped boarding service center is allocated to answer all the possible questions of the operators every day.

  • Fast & easy online reservation of any services & tour packages
  • Multilingual system which can support the monetary & exchange payments
  • Ability to Pay by all kinds of domestic or international credit cards
  • Ability to reserve the ticket for multiple destination flights & be connected to the significant & inexpensive airlines.
  • Ability to rent a car & insurance
  • Connecting to reservation systems of Mahan or Iran air
  • Automatic system of issuing ticket after getting it online
  • Supporting the other active Iranian companies in tourism industry
  • Ability to sale the services in B2B, B2C, B2B2C, mode
  • providing the report services to partners in format of B2B
Intelligent transportation system (ITS): By the expansion of the cities that comes to increase the sum of vehicles & the need of a comprehensive & integrated management, we introduce Hoda arqam telecom as another partner of Zoha kish team which operates ITS project of this group. In order to solve these challenges by an innovative action, Hoda arqam telecom has combined traffic engineering, modern technology with micro-payment system to improve efficiency & to increase the security of transportation & public service systems.
In this way Hoda arqam by having more than a decade of successful presence in intelligent public service, at last have registered its name as one of the pioneers in this field & improved the level of citizen' satisfaction in public service.
Hoda arqam telecom uses a complex of artificial intelligent technology, image processing, GPS, radar, cable & radio communications, surveillance cameras for an intelligent transportation system which is the foundation of the smart city.

Zohakish Telecom Iran co. Prepares a good hardware & software platform for submitting a complete collection of media & content service to the legal or actual subscribers. The facilities of Zohakish Telecom Iran co. in this field contains an entire chain of content production, collecting content, submitting service, submitting infrastructure & platform & operate.
Another service which can be mentioned in this field is sport TV an official website of national media (sporttv.ir). It is lunched & managed by Zohakish Telecom Iran co. exactly after making a contract between the coordinator council of IRIB & Zohakish Telecom Iran co. . This info website with more than 30 reporters covers all the sport news.

  • Value added services (VAS) bedded on mobile, landline & internet
  • Producing, collecting & providing video, music & multimedia contents
  • E-learning programs
  • Producing, collecting & providing games & applications
  • providing advertising
  • News websites
  • providing online counseling

Khadamate Avale Mobine Saba is the other member of Zoha kish team which was formed to give indirect services & in a short time turned into the equipped service center for the subscribers of the largest operator in Iran – Hamrah Aval -.
Khadamat Aval Mobin Saba, by applying powerful communication infrastructure, information, skilled human resources submits the indirect services to mobile subscribers. In a short time after getting established, this center has reached more than 5million calls & had got 90percent of satisfaction in accountability.
Now, a diverse range of activities in field of indirect services, from response to the calls up to deliver & distribute the goods & services, are included in this center. Since continually updating of technology, quality control & ongoing training of human resources, is required, Khadamat Aval Mobin Saba has the potential to participate in any project to be lunched in all over the country.
Khadamat Aval Mobin Saba, not only is serving 24hour on call personnel every day, but also has the first & the largest active distribution network by the name Tozie Aval. This network distributes Hamrahe Aval subscribers' bills in Tehran, magazines, issues, promotional items, prizes.
Telemarketing & selling of communication products is also served in this company by Bazar Aval 1868 system.

  • Creating, managing & supporting the boarding call center
  • Consulting in the case of lunching & improving call centers
  • providing special trains for responders
  • Responding to information system & payment via 9990 Hamrah Aval
  • Responding to 1868 indirect service system (for local subscribers)
  • Distributing & delivering goods & services in place
  • Telemarketing & selling
  • Tele selling of bundled cellphones with SIM cards
  • Selling & delivering Hamrah Aval prepaid & postpaid SIM cards in place

Zoha kish telecom Iran, actively attempts to participate in infrastructure projects in Iran communication system such as designing & providing equipment according to the skilled personnel & using international brands in IT & ICT. Our contracts will be in all temples of investments such as EPC, BOO, BOT, EPCF.
The remarkable provided services which can be mentioned, are selling ADSL/SHDSL equipment to Iran telecom, implementation of rural USO project, procuring equipment, developing landline networks based on VOIP, procuring equipment & updating & relaying IP/MPLS, supplying modem, operating Public Wi-Fi projects, designing & operating data center of Sabte Ahval, designing & operating & supporting Pejvak center, consulting in planning & operating data center of Tiban internet, superior planning data center of Iran insurance company & providing products & services for video conference.
Participating in security & network projects is also served by Zoha kish telecom Iran. Prior to this ZohaKish Telecom Iran has accomplished activities in this field such as planning & operating VPN in ministry of foreign affairs, planning security system for Tavanir network, designing & operating security system of National Bureau of Statistics & planning & operating 23thousand ADSL access port for Asre Danesh Afzar company.
Zoha Kish by cooperating with its international authoritative vendors have tried to transfer technology & implement the cloud computing in the fields of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

  • Designing, installing & lunching wide networks & intranets based on IPV4/IPV6
  • Designing, installing & lunching local nets & wireless point to point connection
  • Designing, installing & lunching network security systems
  • Creating optical fiber infrastructure for urban & inter- urban
  • Designing, installing & lunching video surveillance systems
  • Designing, installing & lunching data center
  • Providing data center services ( VPS Co-Location)
  • Installing, lunching & supporting call centers IP

Zoha kish Telecom Iran company attempts to be pioneer in serving to customers on mentioned domain by cooperating with our international trading partners toward interact with Iranian operators to transfer the data & virtual operating (MVNO).
However entrance of virtual operators to telecom of Iran was such a new revolution but presence of strong foreign brands beside our company & reputation & capability of Zoha kish Telecom Iran by extension of network in Iran, have honored us to represent a successful experience to suitable linkage between our countrymen in all over the world.

  • Facilitating communication between inside & outside countrymen & offers lower prices for international contacts, providing inexpensive voice call services, message & limited data, providing suitable multimedia contents for users, providing converged services & issuance of common bills for fix & mobile line users, provide services within the network & modification in services with combination of telecom products & the programs such as fan clubs, financial services & dedicated service team & extended programing for providing (M2M) services, are all the programs which Zoha has provided for customers.
  • Providing inexpensive applicable voice calls, message & data
  • Providing converged services & issuance of common bills for fix & mobile line users
  • Providing services within the network & modifying in services
  • Combining the telecom products & submitting value added services
  • Providing financial services & dedicated service team
  • providing M2M services

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